Where do we come from?

Abbey of Saints Peter and Paul
Tyniec, Poland


Foundation : around 1044
Suppressed : from 1816 to 1939
Conventual priory : 1959
Abbey : February 10, 1969


Congregation : Anunciation
Abbot : Fr Szymon Hizycki
Number of monks : 37


reception of tourists; pastoral care in the parish and on the internet, blog and channel on YT; publishing house; foundation “Protect the good” (cultural and educational activities)

Bernard Sawicki OSB

Prof. Dir. Research and Didactics
Pontifical Athenaeum Sant’Anselmo
Faculty of Theology

Cisza jest pełnią SŁOWA

From the YouTube channel
Opactwo Benedyktynów w Tyńcu

Opactwo Benedyktynów w Tyńcu web site

Photos used with the permission of Marcin Moricek

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